Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Strawberry! Strawberries! Strawberry!

In 2007, I attended the Strawberry Fest with my kids who were then 5 and 3 years old. I was SO inspired by the many soap vendors that I wanted to make soap at home with the kids. Upon our return, we did just that and Scentsational Soaps was born! Since then, I had not visited the place that brought me SO much inspiration, joy and FUN and I felt it was time to revisit this year. I made it a point to go back and revisit what I call my "Candy Store" We set out to take the Amtrak, bright and early in the morning from Los Angeles to Oxnard. The kids were excited and so was I. It was a bright and beautiful day with nice and warm weather. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to arrive. It was a nice trip with a great scenery. We past thru beautiful mountains and large Strawberry Fields. From our stop, we caught a shuttle to the Strawberry Fest where lots of people were in route to go in. As you can see from the many pictures we ate, and ate, and ate and ate. They had everything from Strawberry Pizza to Strawberry Nachos, wine, beer and MORE!!!! Our bellies were STUFFED!!! The kids thouroughly enjoyed themselves as they rode several rides, and visited a few magic shows. My husband was a kid at heart as well. He managed to purchase some paintball tickets for a future date. Around 4:30pm our day had ended. We had to wait for the train to arrive and while doing so, we laid out on the grass and watched the kids rumble and play. They were still hyped from all of the sugary and fun foods that we had devoured earlier. "Mommy watch this" "Daddy, watch me" these we the words that shouted out to us as we rested from a long and enjoyable day. As you can see, daddy was worn out. He couldn't wait to board the train and give his eyes a rest. Besides he had been at a basketball tournament with our son the day before all day. If you haven't visited the Strawberry Fest in Oxnard, please make plans to do so next year as it is a fun outing and usually every year, KIDS RIDE FREE on the Amtrak!


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Thank you so much!